[Su] The Sutphin Garden

1279 Catawba Rd., Blacksburg

Joann and J. B. Sutphin

Still Meadow Farm has been owned by the Sutphin family since 1935. The  2 story brick farmhouse on the property was originally built c.1840 by Croswell Henderson. In 2014, the property was placed in a land trust, thus preserving the beautiful vistas and acreage overlooking Paris Mountain and the Roanoke Valley. JB Sutphin, who was born on the property, is responsible for the beautiful native stone walls and walks found around the patio and yard.

A spring supplies water for the patio water feature and water for the gardens and grounds. The front yard features a beautiful old sycamore tree and a large black locust covered with English ivy. The building in the back yard, originally an icehouse, conceals a trough in the floor where melted ice drained into the root cellar below. Hand hewn logs are visible on the inside. JB and Joann have worked on the yard and garden for 20 years, adding the patio and deck, a vegetable garden, a dry stream rock garden and a children’s garden.

Musician Schedule:

  • 9-12 Melanie Robinson
  • 2:30-5:00 Simone Paterson and friends

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  • Charles Bostian

All photos (C) Charles Bostian or Joann Sutphin