[Sc] The Schnecker Garden

2791 Yarrow Rd. , Blacksburg

Linda and Dennis Schnecker

At the entrance to this beautiful property, the visitor is welcomed by a cozy stand of trees with a grouping of picnic tables. The curving, tree lined drive winds up a gentle slope to the house, which is nestled amongst colorful gardens. To the south is a vast, clear meadow overlooking Ellett Valley and Paris Mountain.

Since 1989, Linda and Dennis Schnecker have worked to turn a blank slate of overgrown scrub and blackberry brambles into thriving, diverse garden beds of trees, shrubs and flowers. Also on the property is a stream and water garden developed around native limestone, providing a favorite resting place to observe several types of fish and a variety of water plants.

Musician Schedule:

  • 2-5 Justin Craig: Guitar

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  • Charles Bostian

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