[O] The Oaks Victorian Inn

311 East Main St. Christiansburg, VA

Linda and Bernie Wurtzburger

Varied delights await visitors to this locale. Five old-growth namesake trees shade the gracious front lawn that gradually slopes to the stately mansion on Christiansburg’s highest hill, while a sweeping driveway to the side features colorful perennial beds. The scale shifts dramatically in back, where a walled courtyard garden invites leisurely appreciation of its intimate charms. A brick patio with tables is surrounded by bordered beds featuring trees like weeping Cypress and dogwood, mixed with shrubs, roses, and assorted garden art. Most plants are perennials, with additional pops of color from potted annuals. A garden cottage, a good-sized water feature, trellises, a pergola, wind chimes—these and more welcome attention and contemplation. The owner believes Joseph Joubert: “All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so.”

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