[R/M] The Rajagopalan/Murali Garden

2770 Green Meadow Dr. , Blacksburg

Padma Rajagopalan and T. M. Murali

Evolving from a nearly blank slate since 2007, this spectacular display of flowers has grown over the years. The dahlias come from bulbs planted more than 10 years ago, while many coneflowers and daisies started from just 2-3 plants. In late spring, there are rows of peonies in different locations in the garden. In summer, the pergola area is ringed by banks of dahlias, tithonias, daisies, coneflowers and rudbeckias, creating a colorful vista.

This beautiful garden is home to a fantastic collection of approximately 40 peonies that together produce over 1,000 blooms and includes several heirloom varieties. In addition to a lovely corkscrew willow tree, there is a delightful pergola with brick pathways in the front yard. Vines climb two trellises in the backyard.

Since their parents were avid gardeners, Padma Rajagopalan and T.M. Murali were introduced to gardening from an early age. They have planted a variety flowers that grew at their childhood homes (hollyhock, tithonia, dahlias, nasturtiums, jasmines, and roses) as an homage to their parents’ gardens. A particular example is the rose “Crown Princess Margareta.”

Musician Schedule:

  • 9-12 Erik Midkiff, Luke Lester, Paul Deck, Mary Louise Hallauer
  • 12:15-3:30 Renate Kehlenbeck: Classical Guitar

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  • Charles Bostian

All photos (C) Charles Bostian or Padma Rajagopalan