[M] The Moreno Garden

995 Carson Dr, Christiansburg

Two stately willow oaks offer a shady welcome to this friendly, in-town garden. Over 29 years, pines and other trees have departed, while in their place a mixture of cultivars like yellow-bird magnolia and gift-trees planted by birds, such as ilex and dogwoods, have created a pleasing variety of textures and colors. A narrow pine-needle path meanders throughout; following it yields pop-up delights such as a happy fothergilla, a giant heuchera, a Carolina allspice, or koi swimming in a small pond. This meander pattern becomes clear when viewed from an upper deck featuring a large jasmine vine. A small dry creek controls erosion. The rewards of working with nature, both to optimize what it offers and to develop further possibilities, spring forth in this personal, engaging creation.

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