[W] Willow Springs Farm

3673 Peppers Ferry Road, Radford

Deb and Greg Miller

A lovely hydrangea-rich loop introduces this expansive, graceful garden. Flowing gently from a house that seems to grow out of the hillside, a lawn following the contours of the land is bordered by generous beds that nurture a colorful mixture of trees, shrubs, and perennials, such as a magnificent weeping beech, spireas, various lilies, and hundreds of other plants. A small goldfish pond burbles close to the porcelain deck overlooking this display. Uphill from the house are a handsome rock garden, a tucked-in patio, and a gazebo. Beyond the downhill slope a new meadow garden draws the eye, and an organic veggie garden thrives to one side. Practical ideas for deer-proofing are here, too—small details that combine with many others to create this inviting, impressionistic masterpiece.

  • The food truck Beast of the Streets  will be at this location
  • The Master Gardener Plant Clinic will also be here

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