[K] The Kark Garden

245 Diamond Ave, Christiansburg

This spacious, elegant garden breathes harmony. The aesthetic is Asian, with waterways, large rocks, granite lanterns, and stone walls and patios.  From a natural stream and small pond in front of the house to the large rock-walled pond off the back deck with its center fountain, every detail—from mosses to maples—contributes to the serene union of house and garden. Numerous thoughtfully-placed trees and shrubs provide a wide variety of textures as they form a palette of greens, blues, and soft reds, with additional interest from substantial deck planters, while large kinetic copper sculptures enhance this ambiance. Stone terraces farther back lead uphill to a vegetable garden and gazebo, but what will linger is the tranquility that comes from this discerning union of nature, architecture, and design.

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