[HR] The Hansen/Roberts Garden

307 Eakin Street SW Blacksburg

Mary Ann Hansen and Andy Roberts 

Embedded in a corner lot, this wonderful marriage of noteworthy plantings and creative stonework results from ten years of removing unproductive stock and bringing in interesting, healthy specimens. The center third of a large forsythia hedge in back remains for privacy, but the sides have morphed into a Zen-like yard-nook on the right and an inviting area on the left mixing rock sculptures, perennials, and a Ruby Falls redbud. Ever-expanding beds feature trees such as fringe tree, hybrid English oak, and a lovely native black gum whose subtle blooms attract an astounding number of pollinators. Perennials like columbine, rue, and golden star thrive throughout, and annuals in handsome pots add more color to the mix. Well-constructed veggie beds flourish in a sunny spot, and a narrow side bed features climbing hydrangea, a pendula spruce, and other garden delights.

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All photos (C) Charles Bostian