[H/C] The Hahn/Chancey Garden

2068 Lusters Gate Rd, Blacksburg

Betty Hahn and Doug Chancey

The gardens at Paris Mountain Farm are a mixture of long-established areas and new “from scratch” areas. New sections include a patio area by the historic 1700s house, a garden alongside the fence by the recently added pool, and a large fenced-in quarter acre that contains the garden structure known as the “Tea House”. Originally part of a hay field, the fenced garden was created about 12 years ago and designed around a central fire pit with circling paths. It has evolved since that time as the owners have continued planting trees, mostly food bearing, edible and medicinal herbs, and annual vegetables.

The various gardens on the property form a beautiful backdrop to the view of Paris Mountain behind them. A lovely, fragrant row of lavender borders one of the paths to the fire pit. Other  favorites are the various monardas or bee balms in multiple colors. Favorite trees include the pawpaw trees which bear delicious fruit, lush hazelnuts and a Horse Chestnut tree which is so beautiful when it blooms.

The gardens are grown organically, incorporating a compost blend of kitchen scraps, grass clippings, leaf mulch, and manure, overlayered with natural mulch. Cover crops enrich the soil. The quarter acre garden is protected by a deer fence rigged by adding wire fencing to existing wood fences, with deer resistant plants in the areas outside the fence.

  • Master Gardener Plant Clinic

Musician Schedule:

  • 10-2  Jamie Simmons and Genesis Simmons and Kristy Karas
  • 2-5     Betty Hahn and Doug Chancey

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  • Charles Bostian

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