[G] The Golden Garden

2095 Plank Dr.  Blacksburg

Paula and Terry Golden

A beautiful curved rock wall at the property entrance, curved deck and an interior curved wall inspired the contrast between the straight lines of the house and more organic shapes in the garden areas and patio, while sites visited by the owners during overseas travel inform much of the look and feel of the Golden Garden.

A grotto garden takes its inspiration from the magical water gardens of King Ludwig II. Colonnades seen in the missions of California are echoed in the long area under the deck. Millstones placed in the water feature connect the spirit of the house to those who provided for daily food needs with their toil and labor. The small stream mimics those found in our area, as well as ones in the Black Forest where Paula’s family used to picnic.

Over the past two years, pollinator friendly plants have been added, including a wide swath of milkweed for monarch butterflies. Decorative additions include three large circular metal pieces from an Oklahoma City yard sale and glass flowers made by the owners’ daughter.

A central element in the garden is the 190-year-old Eastern Red Cedar that provides shelter and food for a variety of birds. The Golden Garden is a certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

Musician Schedule:

  • 9-11:30 Greenwood Recorder Ensemble
  • 11:45-2:00 Grandin Village Strings

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All photos (C) Paula Golden or Charles Bostian