[Da] The Davis Garden

604 Preston Ave, Blacksburg

Linda and Jack Davis

Traditional and contemporary features blend to form the delightful garden that surrounds this classic foursquare house. In front, mature shrubs, with corner beds of colorful perennial lilies and bright annuals, give way to side interests of new or refreshed beds of rhododendron, azaleas, and multiple flowers. Through the side gate a beguiling private back world emerges. Multi-level connected decks appear: one features a metal pergola covered with wisteria framed by a curved brick wall, while another has glass side panels for privacy. A magnificent 400-year-old white oak overarches this area, with one metal-braced branch supporting children’s swings. The back garden is a happy mixture of Solomon’s seal, ostrich ferns, hostas, and other plants surrounding a meandering pinestraw path, interspersed with pots of color and statuary. Raised beds for veggies and herbs soak up sunshine in this inspired mix of old and new.

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All photos (C) Charles Bostian or Jack Davis