[B] The Brown Garden


703 York Dr., Blacksburg

Marcus and Fiona Brown

Located in a long established, charming in-town neighborhood, the Brown Garden began five years ago with some of the lovely beds and plants already in place. Many additions have been made by the owners. Designed with a free flowing, whatever-happens-happens approach, this garden features a variety of perennials, bulb flowers, and annuals, including the owner’s favorite large sunflowers. Featured trees include a variety of fruit trees, a Japanese Maple, and a bitter orange tree.

Careful placement of plantings allows for minimal watering in this garden, while leaf mulch collected from the yard helps conserve moisture. Natural fertilizers such as manure and compost provide a nutritional boost in the spring. Bird houses made by the owner add to the wildlife friendly environment enjoyed from a comfortable porch vantage point.

Musician Schedule:

  • 9-11:15 Renee Rippe on the harp
  • 11:15-1 Aline de Souza on the harp
  • 1-3 Harp’n Flute’n Bow’n Singin  Julia Fallon Dan Warren Janet Donahue Cynthia Graham
  • 3-5 Dan Warren flute and guitar and voice  with Violin by Janet Donohue incidental music

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  • Charles Bostian

All photos (C) Charles Bostian