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Gardens for Annual New River Valley Garden Tour 2018

The McCann Garden: 802 Gracelyn Court, Blacksburg

An obelisk beside this white house announces that more is to come-and the promise is kept. A compact front lawn with attractive symmetrical beds of roses, Japanese painted fern, sage, shrubs, and low trees slopes to an expanded back that fans into interesting angles, levels, and sheltered spaces. Several tiered decks overlook a slate patio, and an evergreen arbor hides a cozy table and chairs. A stately maple is joined by younger trees-yews, dogwoods, witch hazel, and a southern magnolia, while a circular retaining wall surrounds the garden's most unusual offering, a trifoliate orange. Interesting plant mixtures include heucheras, Solomon's seal, Lenten roses, peonies, and sedums, and ornaments range from St. Francis to a garden gnome. Tradition and surprise create a happy mix here.

These photos are of the gardens in late summer and fall.